(Poems) – please kiss me – 143 words

please kiss me.

kiss me in the dark like all you need is the two of us.

kiss me in the light like you’re proud that I’m yours.

kiss me on the cheek and let me kiss you on your forehead.

give me sleepy kisses in the morning,

and I’ll give you kisses at night when we’re halfway to sleep.

kiss me on the lips like you’re breathing me to life,

and I’ll kiss your neck until you’re breathless.

pull me down by my shirt when I pretend to pull away.

press me against the wall like I’m all yours.

kiss me soft like I’m the most precious thing in your world.

kiss me hard like you can’t stop yourself.

kiss me because you want to love me.

kiss me because you need to kiss me.

kiss me because you want to kiss me.

please kiss me.

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