(Poems) – dad – 46 words

we have a long way to go. so keep the door unlocked— keep the fire burning. we won’t get lost. you showed us the way. x we remember your helping hand,  your tired heart. we can see you on the horizon. our gentle mountain, our way home.

(Eleventh Street) – Chapter 1 – shivering – 3,756 words

Disembodied voices are never a good sign, Jane decided.  Neither was finding herself standing on a snowy street alone in the middle of the night with no idea where she was or how she got there.  The whispers swam through her hair like a breeze, speaking nonsense and words too quiet to understand.   Her awareness …

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(Poems) – achilles – 54 words

The back of my heel is bleeding. But it’s not my weakness, or my downfall. I can’t find one part of myself that’s indestructible or strong or remarkable A Greek hero that’s all heel, with no great acts to do, with no story to be told. There’s no fatal flaw here other than me.

around the halloween tree – 850 words

Malcolm gave up on the party as soon as he arrived.  One look at the crowds— a menagerie of drunk witches, monsters, superheroes, and American presidents— and he was ready to leave.  But his friends had had the opposite reaction.  They disappeared into the mob, leaving him stranded and mercilessly titled as the designated driver.   …

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Obsessions List

Here’s an exercise I learned in class that I feel many writers could benefit from. It works essentially like this: Make a list of all the things that you love seeing in literature. Whether it is tropes, types of characters, locations, plot points, or anything like that, make a list at least with a couple …

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(Video) – Minecraft Mount Amare Tour

A tour of a Minecraft build from late 2020 in two parts, starting with a tour of Mount Amare and following with a tour of the Nether Network and the Tower. Watch directly on Youtube here: Part One / Part Two

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