Liminal – 2,122 words

liminal : characterized by being on a boundary or threshold, especially by being transitional or intermediate between two states or situations. I: Northmoor University’s campus had always felt like a strange new world to Sara in the midnight hours, a thousand streetlights lighting every inch of the sprawling maze of roads and old brick buildings in …

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(Poems) – self-creation – 51 words

you didn’t make me. you made me scared and vulnerable, mean and selfish. i made myself kind. i made myself into someone who believes in people. i made myself into something hopeful and growing. you are nothing but a bad memory, but I’m still here and I’m better. i made me.

(Moonlighting) The Arcane – Chapter 4 – 3,206 words

i. “Who did you leave with last night?” Vince had barely opened his eyes before Tim was already talking to him.  He groaned in response, throwing his arms over his face.  Wasn’t the point of sleeping to not feel tired? Tim nudged him.  “Come on,” he said, “I get if you don’t want to hang …

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(Moonlighting) The Arcane – Chapter 3 – 3,659 words

([A/N}: This chapter is kind of the “bridge” between the first and second halves of this story, which is an okay excuse for why the tone is absolutely everywhere. For my first real romance story, I’m honestly surprised at how well this is going. Thank you for reading this far!) i. For the first time …

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(Moonlighting) The Arcane – Chapter 1 – 2,823 words

({A/N}: Moonlighting is a tab that contains all of my disconnected romance stories. They can be read in any order.) i. Vince didn’t even see her the first time he met her. Someone had shoved his shoulder and he jolted awake, staring around blearily at his surroundings.  Northmoor University’s library was shrouded in darkness and …

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