gas station lovers – 1012 words

The long and bloody dance ended at that gas station at one in the morning.   Anton found Jonas filling his car with shaking hands, dirty clothes, and a week’s worth of stubble turning into a beard.  Not that Anton looked any better.  He lingered by the ice machine, savoring his last moments with the man.   …

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He Who Held the Sun – 851 words

When the clouds blotted out the sun, and the ground turned black with death, the Sunholder began to build his tower.  Rotting wind and doubt buffeted him day and night, but it didn’t stop him from rising the next day to continue his work by candlelight.  Those few who still breathed on the earth saw …

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around the halloween tree – 850 words

Malcolm gave up on the party as soon as he arrived.  One look at the crowds— a menagerie of drunk witches, monsters, superheroes, and American presidents— and he was ready to leave.  But his friends had had the opposite reaction.  They disappeared into the mob, leaving him stranded and mercilessly titled as the designated driver.   …

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