(Poems) – constellations

the best thing about the stars is that they aren’t watching us too.  we drew the lines ourselves.  god isn’t going to come down and set our aim true.  there aren’t enough fingers to pull blame into a straight line.  there isn’t another white man leading the earth on its revolution around the sun.  or a prophetic end.  no ragnorak or rapture to cut us short.

I can already see olympus in these streets.  these concrete forests.  a steel babel under our feet.  valhalla’s feasts in our fields and oceans.  hades drowns in our number.  heaven’s gates are behind us.  gaia weeps under our scale.

we’ve already outgrown gods, you and I.  it’s just you and me and the stoplights and our own choices.  we’re the ones who ignited the hellfire and salted the earth.  we’re the ones who forged the shackles and clamped them on our wrists.  we’re the ones who ruined eden with hunger and flaming swords.

it’s just you and I.  no one else. 

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