A Guide to My Writing (Updated 9/19)

This guide is designed to create an easy way to find something to read on the site. Summarizing genre, content warnings, and blurbs, reading through this post will give you a good idea of what interests you while letting you avoid things that don’t.

Longer Works / Short Stories / Flash Fiction / Drabbles / Poems

Longer Works – Stories that have multiple parts/chapters

Short Stories – Isolated stories generally over 1,000 words that usually tell a complete story

Flash Fiction – Stories usually under 1,000 words that tell either a simple or incomplete story.

Drabbles – Personal works that fall between poetry and narrative

Poems – all forms of poetry

If there’s a * beside a story’s title, that means that the story is inspired by a song and that the title is likely the song’s title.

Check back here whenever I put something new up to see if it sounds interesting to you! Will update as stuff comes out.

Longer Works

The Returned Dead – Fantasy / Action

  • Status: Work in Progress
  • Length: 6 chapters / 28,940 words
  • Content Warnings: Blood, gore, violence, suggestive content
  • Contains: War, romance, ancient secrets, dramatic irony, simple magic system, aristocracy, visions, eldritch magics, multiple POV

In a world scarred by a war between two goddesses, humankind’s only protectors are the Returned, a group of humans given a limited immortality by Telas, the patron goddess of entropy. They find themselves secluded from normal society, faced with the stresses and horrors of a war they have no choice but to fight in. In this character-driven story, follow Semt, a low-born farmboy turned brutal warrior, and Dae, an aristocrat’s daughter trained in the art of weaving magic, as they try to put a stop to the eternal war.

Moonlighting – Romance / Slice-of-Life

  • Status: Work in Progress
  • Length: Multiple stories
  • Content Warnings: non graphic sexual content, alcohol, underage drinking, tobacco use
  • Contains: a collection of stories, romance, dark academia, night as a symbol for safety and secrets, anxiety, commitment issues, first kisses, neck kisses, hickeys, cuddling

A collection of romance stories that can be read in any order exploring different kinds of love interests and relationships with similar themes and a shared setting.

The Arcane – Complete – (17,244 words)

Vince meets the mysterious Lenore at night in the college library. Sometimes she’s distant and cold, and other times she’s exciting and warm. It’s obvious that she’s keeping secrets, but are they enough to stand in the way of their budding romance? Can you love someone who keeps you at an arms-length? Read here >>>

Short Stories

Bloodletter – Fantasy / Action

  • Status: Complete
  • Length: 6,277 words
  • Content Warnings: Self-harm, blood, gore, graphic violence
  • Contains: Cult, blood magic, rituals, eldritch gods, close platonic relationship, mind control, overcoming hardship

Lyova, a Bloodletter, must track down her friend after he is taken in the night. Her hunt will take her to the heart of a strange temple, where an ancient evil has been awakened.

Mercury Poisoning – Action / Horror-ish

  • Status: Complete
  • Length: 2,494 words
  • Content Warning: Graphic violence, blood, gore
  • Contains: tomb robbers, things better left buried, not everything can be killed, underground, Egyptian tombs

A group of tomb robbers bite off more than they can chew while searching for artifacts in an untouched tomb.

Playing for Keeps – Romance

  • Status: Complete
  • Length: 1,044 words
  • Content Warnings: very lightly suggestive content, mentions of anxiety attacks
  • Contains: fluff, unused to affection, outstanding gestures, what is love, there can be no rules when nobody is the same, midnight rendezvous, flirting, commitments

A short, fluffy story about having help when you need it most.

You Who Wanders the Dark – Horror / Surrealism

  • Status: complete
  • Length: 1,214 words
  • Content Warnings:  Nyctophobia
  • Contains: second-person narrative, lost, memory loss

You don’t remember how long you’ve been walking, but you know something is wrong.

The City Breathes – Fantasy Actiom

  • Status: Complete
  • Length: 11,723 words
  • Content Warnings: gore, blood, language
  • Contains: a living city, an orphan, eldritch gods, an unusual family

A two-part story about a living city and a girl that was raised by it. When an entire city is in danger, what can one person do? Especially when something older than anyone can imagine is awoken.

Flash Fiction

Never Worn – Horror / Mystery

  • Length: 496 words
  • Content Warnings: non-bloody body horror, hospital
  • Contains: a newborn baby, a detective, letter format, supernatural mystery

A detective writes a report to her chief involving an unusual event within a hospital.

a twisted thing – Horror

  • Length: 536 words
  • Content Warnings: blood, gore, body horror
  • Contains: second-person, a transformation gone wrong

You try to hide. It still finds you.


Our Bed – Drabble / Romance

  • Status: Complete
  • Length: 681 words
  • Content Warnings: non-graphic sexual content
  • Contains: a poetic narrative, loneliness, insomnia, memories are like ghosts and we are haunted

Sometimes places are ruined by people who aren’t even there.

Bloodied and Bruised – Drabble / Romance

  • Status: Complete
  • Length: 267 words
  • Content Warnings: Self-harm imagery, mention of blood, and suggestive content
  • Contains: a poetic narrative, loneliness, loss, unhealthy coping mechanisms

Sometimes the only things you can do aren’t what you should be doing.

Finding Faith – Drabble / Romance

  • Status: Complete
  • Length: 198 words
  • Content Warnings: very suggestive content
  • Contains: a poem that im calling a drabble, a weird relationship with faith, biblical illusions, love, kisses, tasting divinity

Sometimes you find other things to have faith in.

Love Language – Drabble / Romance

  • Status: Complete
  • Length: 380 words
  • Content Warnings: non graphic sexual content
  • Contains: all the ways you can tell someone you love them, kisses, marking, routines, gestures

There are so many ways to tell someone that you love them.

Fire – Drabble / Romance

  • Status: Complete
  • Length: 535 words
  • Content Warnings: lightly suggestive content
  • Contains: a poetic narrative, making out, finding home in a person

Feeling the fire.

*Banks- Drabble / Romance

  • Status: Complete
  • Length: 542 words
  • Content Warnings: none
  • Contains: moving on, post-break up, loneliness, recovery, a little bonus at the end, a gift

Moving on doesn’t feel right.

Remember Me – Drabble / Romance

  • Status: Complete
  • Length: 480 words
  • Content Warnings: slightly suggestive content
  • Contains: memories of kisses, hugs, cuddling, and promises, with a few bitter questions

Do you remember me?

Burned Out

  • Status: Complete
  • Length: 1,204
  • Content Warnings: none
  • Contains: a good bye, a message, some memories, a break up

A collection of drabbles as a goodbye to someone. (Plus a nice song).



  • Length: 142 words
  • Content Warnings: none

People who leave your life leave scars everywhere they had been

just a little longer

  • Length: 419 words
  • Content Warnings: suggestive content

I did everything I could to make our nights last a little longer.


  • Length: 71 words
  • Content Warnings: None

Sometimes you just have to walk away.

please kiss me

  • Length: 143 words
  • Content Warnings: none

There’s always more to a kiss than the kiss.


  • Length: 99 words
  • Content Warnings: none

Sometimes it’s not easy to forget a relationship.

invisible things

  • Length: 109 words
  • Content Warnings: none

It’s not always the obvious things you miss.


  • Length: 117 words
  • Content Warnings: none

A rare positive poem I wrote in a moment where I was more vengeful than sad.

hope you’re okay

  • Length: 111 words
  • Content Warnings: none


  • Length: 56 words
  • Content Warnings: none

that’s not love

  • Length: 127 words
  • Content Warnings: none


  • Length: 123 words
  • Content Warnings: none


  • Length: 135 words
  • Content Warnings: slight hints at suggestive content

I have

  • Length: 65 words
  • Content Warnings: none


  • Length: 163 words
  • Content Warnings: none

dreaming of someone

  • Length: 129 words
  • Content Warnings: none

to her, to me

  • Length: 80 words
  • Content Warnings: none

let them leave

  • Length: 71 words
  • Content Warnings: none

you’ll remember me

  • Length: 108 words
  • Content Warnings: none


  • Length: 51 words
  • Content Warnings: none

The Beast of Northmoor Forest

  • Length: 277 words
  • Content Warnings: body horror, violence

and we’ll be ok

  • Length: 101 words
  • Content Warnings: none

you are

  • Length: 58 words
  • Content Warnings: none


  • Length: 153 words
  • Content Warnings: none

bloody clay

  • Length: 102 words
  • Content Warnings: blood, self-harm mention

4:01 AM

  • Length: 71 words
  • Content Warnings: none

burning summer

  • Length: 126 words
  • Content Warnings: none

golden dogs

  • Length: 115 words
  • Content Warnings: none


  • Length: 70 words
  • Content Warnings: slight body horror


  • Length: 132 words
  • Content Warnings: none

how to survive

  • Length: 101 words
  • Content Warnings: slight violence mention


  • Length: 90 words
  • Content Warnings: none


  • Length: 84 words
  • Content Warnings: none

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