(Poems) – fledgling – 153 words

you are insignificant, 

says god from behind a cloud,

but we just shake our heads,

and tell him that he’s wrong.

we tell him that we are unstoppable.

we are lightning,

brief flashes of light and power,

gone before the earth can hear our cry,

but striking with the force to burst trees and crack rock.

filling the whole world with our fury and thunder.

we are a storm,

terrible and unconditional,

powerful not for its whole,

but for every gust of wind that pushes it onward,

every droplet of rain giving it weight,

every wave of thunder that shakes the ground in its wake.

we are a lighthouse in a dark sea,

a voice in a silent universe.

we are a fledgling god of seven billion pieces,

molding the universe to our will,

giving it the meaning we find in our own hearts.

you look at us and see danger,

we see potential.

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