(Poems) – you’ll remember me – 108 words

[(A/N): and this is what happens when I try to write something sweet these days– it turns out kind of bitter? It takes a little effort to get back to soft parts of yourself, but it’s worth the trip. I’m still happy with how it turned out. Hope you enjoy it! ]

you can say what you want to your friends and your parents,

but I know you’ll remember me.

you’ll remember the good morning texts, falling asleep with me on the phone

you’ll remember my hoodies and the late-night drives

you’ll remember the smell of teakwood and laundry sheets

you’ll remember the way I held you in our bed

you’ll remember the way I kissed you goodnight

you’ll remember the circles I drew on your back, my fingers running through your hair

you’ll remember the promises I whispered to you that morning.

you’ll remember the way I meant them, and someday, 

you’ll miss me.

But I am already gone.

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