(Poems) – marks – 135 words

I’ve never let go of something easily.

every goodnight kiss is long and drawn out,

and I’ll always be the last one to look away

I can’t kiss your neck without leaving myself in places no one else can see—

reds and purples that ache with my memory for days.

I can’t love without giving mementos I hope you’ll keep—

rings and bracelets and memories so that you won’t forget me.

I’m sorry I’ve never been able to let go as easily as you.

I’ve always loved keeping you; 

whether it’s the smell of you left on my clothes, 

or the bruises given by your lips on my collarbone,

or the little trinkets that I can never get rid of.

I begged every part of you to stay, to remember me.

Please don’t forget me.

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