(Poems) – that’s not love – 127 words

being in love has always been a choice

and you strayed at the first bump

you left on a whim and an idea 

that’s not love

love is a place to grow 

it’s a journey with more than just ups

it’s a beautiful thing with thorns

it’s more than a hobby or a distraction

if you were never willing to try, 

then you should’ve just stayed away from me.

you can’t find a home with waiting arms and ready lips

if you’re not even willing to build it.

don’t pretend to care about me

when you never put any stake into me in the first place

I don’t know why I ever believed

that I actually meant something to you

it’s time to find someone who knows what it means to love someone

someone who builds instead of burns

who loves more than they run

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