(Poems) – just a little longer – 419 words

and when the alarm pulls us from sleep,

i’ll do everything i can to make it last a little longer.

thirty minutes left and we had things to do,

but you’ll press your face into my neck and i’ll let you sleep.

twenty-five minutes left and i’m awake with an eye on the clock,

more than happy to hold you in my arms a little longer to let you sleep.

twenty minutes left and you twitch in your sleep

as i run my fingers through your hair and trace circles down the bare skin of your back.

fifteen minutes left and you’re awake now,

but you’re too busy pressing kisses to my skin and enjoying my touch to move.

ten minutes left and we’re talking, 

planning a future with sweet nothings.

five minutes left and you’re saying that you love me more than the world,

and i’m saying that i wish you could stay.

a few minutes left and you’re sitting up

as I wrap my hands around your waist and trail kisses up your back to your neck.

a minute left and we’re getting out of our bed, 

collecting clothes and giggles before i take you to my car to drive you home.

it’s twelve and a half minutes back to your house, 

and the streets are empty and quiet.

i drive with one hand on the wheel and the other in yours,

wishing that you lived farther away.

we listen to music and i sing when I can,

but mostly i just smile and listen to you sing.

we talk about our pasts and our presents and our future, 

and we smile and laugh and flirt and kiss,

and suddenly the road doesn’t feel so lonely and cold anymore.

we make it to your house just at your curfew, 

and i hold your hand all the way to your front door.

some days you let me in to give me back the clothes that you borrowed,

and to spend a few minutes longer together.

but this time you turn and say goodnight at the step, 

and give me a kiss that i draw out to keep you a little longer,

and you go inside smiling and laughing.

i get back in my car and go home alone,

phone propped up so i can see the text that you always send me.

i return to “our bed” where the sheets still smell like you, 

and I dream of you when i fall asleep.

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