(Poems) – scars – 142 words

but, my love, these streets don’t feel the same without you.

there’s no place I can drive to that feels like home

there’s no smile on your lips or goodnight kiss

there are no car drives taking you back home or movie nights cuddled together

there are no more breathless kisses in the dark or holding you as you sleep

my love doesn’t feel so worthy anymore

my body still aches for you like an addict craving a fix

my hands smell like pennies instead of your skin

and the car smells like bitter coffee instead of your sweet shampoo

I don’t recognize this colder, lonelier place

it’s my music playing instead of our music

they’re all my hoodies instead of your hoodies

it’s my bed I go home to instead of our bed

you left scars in every thing we shared when you tore yourself away from me

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